Artificial Grass Field

Artificial Grass Field

Quality primacy artificial grass introduction artificial grass color is Green and has a gauge of 3/8''with 16tufts per dm,the density is 16800tufts per squremeter,the pile height is 25mm and 6600Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and...

Product Details


1.Appropriate improvement of our perfect quality inspection system has produced the high quality turf UV resistance, anti-aging, good water permeability with drainage holes.
2.It doesn't contain any heavy metals, environmental & pet-friendly. The Eco-friendly materials can be 100% recycled and easy to clean.
low maintenance cost(<5% of natural cost: no watering, no weeding, no lawnmower, insect-resistance).
3.Color Customized,Various colors can be customized according your requirement.

Technical parameters


Artificial grass field

Item No.




Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands.

Material: PE+PP
Color: Different color for choose.
Feature: Evergreen, duable, artistic, eco-friendly, easy to maintain and clear
Shipping: By sea, per your request
Package: Safety export carton,package ,per your request
Delivery Time: 7-25 days 

1.Sports lawn can be used in football field, tennis court, hockey field, gateball court, baseball field, cricket court, rugby court, basketball court, badminton court, golf court etc.
2.Leisure lawn is widely used. It is suitable for interior decoration, garden landscape and building greening.More and more are widely used in hoteldecoration , roof terrace decoration, indoor shops, office buildings and office places.Whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of four seasons like spring.
3.Colorful lawn is very suitable for kindergarten.It is the wish of every parent to let children have a happy life full of dreams and childlike innocence. Health and happiness are the foundation of children's growth. Various patterns and colorful colors have taken the wings of their children's imagination.

How to remove different stains
1.For juice, milk, blood and other "water-like stains"
2.Scrub with soap water then use a dried towel to absorb the water
3.For oil paraffin, asphalt and bitumen
4.Use a sponge to sop tetrachloroethylene and then scrub the grass and use a dried towel to absorb water.

Tips for Installation
1.Clear the debris of the basic layers. Repair the uneven level if have.
2. Keep the grass clean and dry.
3.Surrounding temperature: 0-40℃ is good for installation.
4. About brush glue: control the thickness of glue, let glue sufficiently combining the gap.

What different things can artificial grass be used for?

Front and back gardens/lawn surfaces, children’s play surfaces, dog friendly surfaces, pathways, inside and surround conservatories, surrounding swimming pools, water

features and hot tubs, covering patios, decking, paving, concrete and roof gardens.

What type of surface can it be laid on?

Artificial grass can be laid on any surface Certain preparation may be required:Existing grass lawn all you need to do is strip the existing lawn and top soil to leave a level base and install a stone or sand base for the carpet to be laid on to.Stone  this currently is the perfect base to lay the surface on. Spray herbicide or weed killer on the area and make sure the stone base is level to lay the carpet on.Pathway, Patio, Paving, Concrete, Tarmac, Decking, Roofs are ideal flat surfaces to lay
the grass onto. Clean any debris off the existing surface and then use our recommended glue to secure the grass.
How long will my artificial grass last?
Our grass is basically unaffected by the elements. The grass is UV stabilized and water-resistant, it can cope with heavy snow and freezing temperatures, it has no problems with excessive rain or exposure to heat and direct sunlight.

Our artificial turf following the ISO9001 quality management system.also get the certification of ROHS,CE,ISO,SGS.
 As a professional manufacturer and innovator of artificial lawns, Wuxi Frengrass possesses the complete four processes of artificial lawn production: extrusion, twisting, tufting and coating. Its technical advantage in the whole industry ensures our products quality and stable supply.