Bulk Artificial Grass

Bulk Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass,with excellent color fastness and bright color.Good drainage performance, low friction, and-UV properties,High wear resistance, which can effectively improve the space ,Simple pavement, inexpensive maintenance,Applicable to a variety of climate, useable in all-weather condition.
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Product Details

Good Quality artificial grass introduction 

Our products have excellent color fastness and vivid color. Good drainage performance, low friction, and UV performance, high wear resistance, can effectively improve space, simple pavement, inexpensive maintenance, suitable for all kinds of climate. The main thing is not to water, no grass, no fertilization, no need to worry about weeds. In some particularly dark areas, those who cannot grow turf can also lay fake turf.

Technical parameters



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands.
Appearance and texture of real grass, looks & feels like real natural grass.
Performance yarn for greater resiliency, high temperature resistance, fade resistance, superior durability.
Polyurethane athletic grade multiple-layer backing, Perforated with holes for vertical drainage, easy to clean and can be dry quickly, and mildew proof.
Low maintenance and eco-friendly and non-toxic. Safe and widely used in outdoors and indoors
1.Bark,paper scraps, and dust, clean it with broom
2.Pet feces, and mud, soot. You can wash it with water
Our artificial grass for landscaping adds beauty and recreational possibilities to patio, decks, rooftops, gardens, swimming pools, ect. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere including your driveway.
1. Environmentally friendly, durable and soft on the feet.
2. Easy to install and nice choice for relaxation.
3. Skid resistance and meets rigorous fire safety requirements.
4. Perfect shape adds beauty and value to your property.

Step1:Tools prepare
Hammer, nail ,manualcart,shovel,elastic strings,knife,doctor blade,pitch drawing tape ,measure,glue,adhesive tape,rubber and silcan sand
Step2:Install the synthetic grass
Making lines on the base --put the turf roll in place --roll out the turf-
Cutting the edges--making sure neighbor edges match perfectly--
Unfold the neighbor edges--putting the adhesive tape between the edges--
Making sure the adhesive tape between neighbor edges --putting the glue on the adhesive tape --folding edges and putting edges on the adhesive tape--joint the edges--cutting the right size of white grass
Step3:Install the white line
Laying the adhesive tape-putting the white grass in the right place-making sure the white grass joint well。

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