Fake Synthetic Turf

Fake Synthetic Turf

Hot Sale Fake Synthetic introduction Fake Synthetic color is Green and brown .it has a gauge of 3/8''with 16tufts per dm ,the density is 16800tufts per squremeter, the pile height is 25mm and 6600Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and with SBR...

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Turf color is Green and brown .it has a gauge of 3/8''with 16tufts per dm ,the density is 16800tufts per squremeter, the pile height is 25mm and 6600Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene  with a weight of 165g/m2.and with SBR Latex.
This kind of fake Artificial lawn is designed to decorate your garden, backyard ,balcony  ,corridor ,wall, roof and other Outdoor Decoration .It is Durable and widely used in Landscaping Field. 

Technical parameters


Fake Synthetic turf

Item No.




Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height, machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands.

1.Good rebound resilience, abrasion resistance, minimized distortion and shrinkage and excellent sports performance.
2.Excellent rebound and softness performance, ensure the safety of kneels and skin
3.The resilience for movement is excellent so that the athletic injury could be avoid ,that is why it is very suitable for high frequency and intensive use.

4.Excellent rebound and softness performance, ensure the safety of kneels and skin.

Clean and protection
1. Mark “no smoking” around the ground
2.Corrosive solvent is not allowed
3.heavy motor vehicles is not allowed
4. clean the rubbish timely after games

How to remove different stains
1.For juice, milk, blood and other "water-like stains"
2.Scrub with soap water then use a dried towel to absorb the water
3.For oil paraffin, asphalt and bitumen
4.Use a sponge to sop tetrachloroethylene and then scrub the grass and use a dried towel to absorb water.

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Q: Does artificial grass have a limited life?
A: It has long life lasting 8-10 years. Artificial grass is a synthetic product exposed to outside. With anti-UV function the grass guarantees users up to 8 and 10 years life span. The development of manufacturing fibers of artificial grass is taking giant steps forward, thus offering greater resistance to wear and the flattening of yarns. So it is important to choose high quality artificial grass when purchasing.
Q: Does water drain througth the artificial grass ?
A: Yes. In fact, the grass have specially designed drainage holes placed consistently throughout the turf to ensure water sheds quickly and efficiently and does not pool on the surface.
Q: How much infill does artificial grass need each meter?
A: It needs 25kg sands + 7kg rubber granule/square meter.