Faux Grass Rug

Faux Grass Rug

Faux Grass is antiwear and elastic when is applied to sports fields without harm to player's skin. It has strong color-fastness, it offers a guarantee of 8 years for no color fading.It effectively reduces the shock to the joints and ankles, protecting players from injury.

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When our products are suitable for use in sports fields, the grass is resistant to abrasion and elasticity and does not harm the athlete's skin. It has a strong color fastness and can guarantee no fading for 8 years. Effectively reduce the impact on joints and ankles and protect athletes from injury. The artificial sports lawn field greatly reduces the friction between the ball and the lawn, making the speed and direction of the ball more chaotic. The artificial sports lawn site has a beautiful overall layout, high usage rate, long service life, durable and easy maintenance, and can be used continuously throughout the day.

How to get the right artificial grass product and system?  There are a few things to consider:
1. Always choose a high quality synthetic grass product that has been tested and approved
2. Make sure that shock pads are used under the surface to achieve the perfect play
3. Only hire experts to install the artificial turf
4. Maintain the turf by brushing and removing leaves on a regular basis
5. Run regular performance checks to keep the artificial grass pitch in top condition

1. Good rebound resilience, abrasion resistance, minimized distortion and shrinkage and excellent sports performance.
2. Improved durability: The expected lifetime is 6 years for normal condition.
3. High UV-stability: Strong color fastness, it offer a guarantee of 5-6 years for no fade.
4. Safe and environmental-friendly: It doesn't contain any heavy metals.
Application: Golf putting green, landscape artificial turf, commercial artificial grass, garden lawn carpet, safety synthetic turf flooring football field artificial grass, soccer artificial turf, synthetic grass for soccer, basketball court fake grass, tennis court artificial flooring and other

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