Artificial Grass for Yard

Artificial Grass for Yard

Artificial Grass can be used to schools, nurseries, play areas,Whether it’s a new installation or replacing an existing surface, will transform your play area.The artificial grass system can give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your little ones will be safe should they fall from a swing or a climbing frame. Garden Artificial Grass Indoor Synthetic Turf No Abrasion Garden Fake Grass.Can use for indoor or outdoor office spaces,easy to clean and vacuum,easy to install,looks realistic and is soft to walk on,non-toxic and odorless.

Product Details

Our products have scientific measurement standards, the right amount of height, and both the convenience of walking and the flexible cushioning allow users to move freely. It can be used indoors or outdoors, easy to clean and vacuum, easy to install, realistic, soft to walk, non-toxic and tasteless.

Technical parameters


2m*25m/roll or 4m*25m/roll,the length can customer-made for you
Standard loading quantity
1*20GP: 2500 to 3000 sqm
1*40GP: 5000 to 5500 sqm
1*40HQ: 5500 to 6000 sqm

The Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer

1. Specialized in the field of artificial turf and grass yarn for many years.

2. Professional consultant team and grassland manual installation support.

3. Tufting machine and production line to ensure stable daily output.

4. Self-produced yarn, high quality, price concessions.

5. ODM and OEM offer: yarn heights from 6mm to 70mm! We can offer you any style with different colors and densities.

6. Free artificial turf samples for quality inspection.

What advantages do we have?

1. One-stop business: comprehensive including artificial grass products, installation materials and technical services.

2. Customer-oriented: Provide the best products, accept D.I.Y services, and provide more convenience for customers.

3. Satisfactory service: comprehensive sales service, best logistics solutions and marketing support.

Step1:Tools prepare
Hammer, nail ,manualcart,shovel,elastic strings,knife,doctor blade,pitch drawing tape ,measure,glue,adhesive tape,rubber and silcan sand
Step2:Install the synthetic grass
Making lines on the base --put the turf roll in place --roll out the turf-
Cutting the edges--making sure neighbor edges match perfectly--
Unfold the neighbor edges--putting the adhesive tape between the edges--
Making sure the adhesive tape between neighbor edges --putting the glue on the adhesive tape --folding edges and putting edges on the adhesive tape--joint the edges--cutting the right size of white grass
Step3:Install the white line
Laying the adhesive tape-putting the white grass in the right place-making sure the white grass joint well

Artificial Grass.jpg

What different things can artificial grass be used for?
It can be used on front and rear garden/turf surfaces, children's play surfaces, around the pool, covered patios, decks, paving, concrete and roof gardens.

What type of surface can it be laid on?
Artificial turf can be laid on any surface and may require some preparation: the existing lawn lawn, you only need to strip the existing lawn and top soil, leave a horizontal base, and lay a stone or sand base for the carpet. Currently, this is the perfect foundation for laying the foundation. Spray herbicides or herbicides in the area and ensure that the stone base level is carpeted. Remove any debris from the existing surface and fix the grass with our recommended glue.

How long will my artificial grass last?
At least five years or more. The grass is UV-stabilized and waterproof, and it can cope with heavy snow, low temperatures, high temperatures, rain and direct sunlight.  10.jpg

The Finkai brand frengrass artificial turf, designed and produced by our company, is widely used in football field, volleyball field, gate course, runway, car mat and other comprehensive functions with durability, safety, environmental protection, beauty, comfort and superior functions. The sports venue has reached the international advanced level. In parks, plazas, green spaces, roads, deserts, beaches, hillsides, courtyards, etc., Finkai Lawn has outstanding performance in wind, rain, wave, sand, beautification, greening, etc., and has won wide acclaim from users.