Artificial Turf Grass Backyard

Artificial Turf Grass Backyard

Real Grass Turf is a focus on decorative artificial turf products. It has bright color, rich colors, can play the role of visual pleasure. It is mainly used outside the ground, and even used in the slope protection, artificial turf used to green has fidelity and durability, it has been widely used for green space instead of real grass.

Product Details


Artificial turf is a synthetic fiber that looks like natural grass. Most of the time it is in the city stadium, it is used in the grass, but it is now being used in home turf, or other commercial applications. . The reason why artificial turf is widely used is mainly because of the maintenance: these “grass” can still stand under the high-intensity use, and do not need to be trimmed or irrigated; plus the amount of sunshine to maintain natural grassland and keep It is not easy, indoor and semi-open stadiums must use artificial grass.

Technical parameters


Artificial turf Grass backyard

Item No.




Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands.


1.Durability: The artificial turf is durable and suitable for use in high-frequency venues. It has a long service life and a life span of more than 8 years. Natural grass has low anti-wear degree and is easy to be crushed under the action of external force, which affects the service life of the site. The artificial turf has good wear resistance, flame retardancy, high elasticity and motion cushioning force.

2.Environmental protection: The artificial turf adopts the concept of environmental protection and safety, does not contain heavy metals, and does not contain any harmful substances.

 All-weather: Artificial turf is not affected by the weather, and it can be used normally even in relatively harsh environments such as rain, snow and snow. The conditions for the use of natural turf are limited. In the case of rain and snow, the weather can only be extended, which affects the normal operation of the event.

Our artificial grass for landscaping adds beauty and recreational possibilities to patio, decks, rooftops, gardens, swimming pools, ect. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere including your driveway.
1. Environmentally friendly, durable and soft on the feet.
2. Easy to install and nice choice for relaxation.
3. Skid resistance and meets rigorous fire safety requirements.
4. Perfect shape adds beauty and value to your property.

Layer Description
The surface is ASA weatherproof layer or UPVC ultra-weather resin to block the solar ultraviolet and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity, ensure product durability and resistance to chemical corrosion,the middle layer is skeleton layer is special for heat and sound insulation and the bottom layer is wear-resisting resistant layer increase the rigidity


Step 1: Tool preparation

Hammer, nail, manual car, shovel, elastic rope, knife, scraper, asphalt pull ribbon, measuring, glue, tape, rubber and silica sand

Step 2: Install synthetic grass

Draw on the base - put the turf roll in place - roll out the turf -

Trimming - ensuring that the adjacent edges match perfectly -

Expand adjacent edges - place the tape between the edges -

Make sure the tape between the adjacent edges - glue the tape to the tape - fold the edges and place the edges on the tape - connect the edges - cut the correct size of the grass

Step 3: Install the white line

Laying the tape - Put the white grass in the right position - Make sure the white grass joints are good

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