Fake Grass for Yard

Fake Grass for Yard

Cheap price Fake grass introduction Fake grass color is Green and brown.it has a gauge of 3/16''with 200tufts per dm,the density is 58800tufts per squremeter,the pile height is 15mm and 5500Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and with SBR...

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Cheap price Fake grass introduction 

The grass-like synthetic fiber is implanted on a woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a chemical coating having a natural grass motion property as a fixed coating. Widely used in sports and leisure places, the raw materials are mostly polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride and polyamide can also be used. The leaves are green with natural grass and need to add UV absorber. Polyethylene (PE): It is softer in hand, and its appearance and sports performance are closer to natural grass, which is widely accepted by users. It is currently the most widely used artificial grass fiber raw material on the market. Polypropylene (PP): The grass fiber is hard and is generally suitable for tennis courts, playgrounds, runways or decorations.

Technical parameters


Fake grass for yard

Item No.




Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands.


 2m*25m/roll or 4m*25m/roll,the length can customer-made for you
 Standard loading quantity
 1*20GP: 2500 to 3000 sqm
 1*40GP: 5000 to 5500 sqm
 1*40HQ: 5500 to 6000 sqm 



1. Early investment:The early investment of natural grass is bigger than that of artificial grass. It needs to be from pine, transplanted turf, fertilization, water diversion, and conservation. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources. If there is a big climate difference or water source problem, it needs to be involved. To establish a constant temperature project and water diversion project; artificial grass does not have to consider these problems, only the site is flattened, there is a fixed drainage ditch, and the investment; small investment, one-off, less manpower and material resources.

2. Management:The artificial turf football field has a short construction period, which can be completed in half a month. It is basically not used after being put into use, as long as it prevents human malicious damage. The football field of the natural lawn must be cured after three or four months of planting before it can be seen in the green lawn. After being put into use, it is necessary to maintain it by special personnel. It is necessary to regularly water, fertilize and pruning to prevent pests and diseases. Therefore, the maintenance cost in the later period is extremely expensive, and it is greatly affected by temperature, weather and soil, and it is difficult to maintain. It is easy to be partially damaged during use, and it is necessary to replant and replant frequently.


1. All-weather: Artificial turf is not affected by the climate and improves the efficiency of the use of the site;

2, evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, the artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring;

3. Environmental protection: The materials are in compliance with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled and reused;

4, simulation: artificial grass is produced by the principle of bionics, good elasticity, comfortable feet

5, durability: durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for sites with high frequency of use;

6. Economical: Generally, the service life of more than five years can be guaranteed;

7, maintenance-free: artificial grass basically no maintenance costs occur, only need to prevent human damage;

8. Simple construction: artificial grass can be paved on the basis of asphalt, cement and hard sand.


What different things can artificial grass use?

Front and rear garden/turf surface, children's play surface, dog friendly surface, access, indoor and surrounding conservatory, surrounding swimming pool, water view and hot tub, covered patio, deck, paving, concrete and roof garden.

What type of surface can it be laid?

Artificial turf can be laid on any surface and may require some preparation: the existing lawn lawn, you only need to strip the existing lawn and top soil, leave a horizontal base, and lay a stone or sand base for the carpet. Currently, this is the perfect foundation for laying the foundation. Spray herbicides or herbicides in the area and ensure that the stone base level is carpeted. Paths, courtyards, paving, concrete, aprons, decking, and roofing are ideal planes for laying grass. Remove any debris from the existing surface and fix the grass with our recommended glue.


  1. Before install the artificial grass, it is necessary to clean the ground.

  2. Roll out the synthetic turf

  3. Match the artificial grass, ensure the grass felling direction is the same.

  4. Brush the glue to fix the turf. Clean up the surface sundries and then beating the adge of turf by special rubber hammer to ensure the contact enough and fastness.