Plastic Grass for Garden

Plastic Grass for Garden

This Plastic Grass style for landscaping use with high UV resistance. PU backing the biggest highlight in this product, PU is Polyurethane.It is more excellent than traditional SBR latex, stronger,softer and more environmentally friendly, not easily tearing like SBR backing.Artificial grass is the perfect solution for multiple purposes whether it be in your garden, children's playground , sports courts or even if commercial spaces.The cost of maintenance is less than 5% of natural grass.

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This plastic grass style is used to beautify the environment and has high UV resistance. PU is the biggest highlight of this product, PU is polyurethane. It is even better than traditional SBR latex, softer, more environmentally friendly and less prone to tearing like SBR backing. Whether it's in your garden, children's playground, sports field or commercial space, artificial grass is the perfect solution for many purposes. Artificial turf can be used 24 hours a day (the natural turf is resistant to high-density competitions 3 times a week) and the maintenance cost is low, only 1/10 of the natural turf.


Why we choose Frengass Artificial Grass?

1.All-weather: completely free from the influence of the climate, greatly improving the efficiency of the site, and can be used in extreme climates such as high cold and high temperature;

2.Evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, the artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring;

Environmentally friendly: materials that meet environmental requirements are used, and artificial grass 3.surface layers can be recycled and reused.


What are the points to consider when choosing the right artificial turf?

Appearance: bright color, no color difference; grass seedlings are flat, tufting is uniform, consistency is good; the bottom lining is moderately sized and penetrates into the bottom lining, the whole is flat, the stitch length is uniform, and there is no jump stitch.

Grass silk performance: the net is clean and tidy; the incision is flat and there is no obvious shrinkage.

Feel: Fingers comb the grass seedlings soft and smooth, the palms gently press the grass seedlings rebound, the underlay is not easy to tear.

Smell: The lawn should have no pungent plastic smell.

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Wuxi City Frengrass Artificial Turf Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, produces, and sells sports artificial turf. Our company has large-scale finishing glue coating and sizing equipment to meet the technical requirements of automatic coating, rapid curing, heat setting, pre-shrinking, punching, winding and packaging which are necessary for the production of high-end artificial turf. The company has a professional management team, with a sound research and development capabilities, quality control capabilities and marketing services.