Synthetic Leisure Turf

Synthetic Leisure Turf

Hot selling Synthetic turf introduction Synthetic turf color is Green and has a gauge of 3/16''with 170tufts per dm,the density is 58800tufts per squremeter,the pile height is 15mm and 3300Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and...

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Frengass artificial turf technology is a professional artificial grass yarn manufacturer, specialized in research, development, production and sales.Our Synthetic Turf used in fields of sports, such as football, golf, basketball court. Roof, balcony ,kindergartens and garden are also widely used.

Technical parameters


Synthetic leisure turf

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Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands. 

Why we choose Frengass Artificial Grass?
1. Artificial Turf can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow.
2. Artifical Turf can bring you year round green and spring.
3. Healthy to people and friendly to environment.
4. Natural appearance and feeling, looks very realistic.
5. Durability: no fading, especially suitable for the primary sites for higher frequency.
6. Artificial grass/ Artificial Turf has longer service life compared to natural grass.
7. Easy to install and maintain compared to natural grass.

1.High fidelity of the lawn can keep the grass all the year round green.
2.No fertilizing or weeding.Low maintenance cost.
3.Bright in color.Beautiful and tasteful.
4.Aging resistant.Long lifetime.
5.Simple paving,less joints and no marks.
6.Wide range of application.It can be used as the interior decoration,courtyard landscape and greening.
7.Soft to touch,comfortable to foot,and good elasticity.
8.The yarn is fine.It is the best alternative of natural grass.

1. No weather limited: It can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow. All weather used.
2. Long life & Evergreen: When natural grass entered hibernation, artificial turf still can bring you the feeling of spring.
3. Natural appearance: Artificial turf adopted the principle of bionics production, so there is no big difference between the natural grass and the artificial grass. Excellent flexibility let us feet comfortable.
4. Durability: Durable service, no fading, especially suitable for the primary sites for higher frequency.
5. Free maintenance: the lawn will need little maintenance.

Our Service
1. Your mail will be answered in 24 hours. If you were or will be our potential clients,we will reply to you in 8 hours , and if VIP clients, within 3 hours.
2.One-stop purchasing service by providing various kinds of products: artificial grass for landscaping and sports, stadium seats and other sports accessories, such as football goal, tennis post, basketball stand.
3.We ensure 15 days delivery time
4. Great customer service
5. Professional after-sales service including delivering, installation, maintenance.