Thick Artificial Grass

Thick Artificial Grass

Customizable T hick artificial grass introduction artificial grass color is Green and has a gauge of 3/16''with 200tufts per dm,the density is 58800tufts per squremeter,the pile height is 15mm and 5500Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and...

Product Details

Artificial turf is suitable for kindergartens, sports fields, balconies, greening, sand gold and so on. The woven lawn is made of grass-like synthetic fibers, which are implanted on the woven base fabric, and the back is coated with a fixed coating for artificial turf on the sports field, leisure venue, golf course, garden floor and green ground.

Technical parameters


Thick Artificial Grass

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Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



Why choose us?

Pile height, machine size and density can be customized to your requirements.  图片15.jpg  

1.Our lawns can be used normally regardless of the weather throughout the year.

2.It can bring you green and vitality all year round.

3. The natural look and feel looks very realistic.

4. Durability: It does not fade, especially suitable for the main places of higher frequency.

5. Artificial grass has a longer service life than natural grass.

6. It is easy to install and maintain, saving time and effort.

1,Where can I use this grass ?
A:  Artificial grass is versatile. It can be used for landscaping, gardens, balconies, schools or sports such as football and golf. You can use it as a real grass to place any place you want to decorate. For different usages, please give us the appropriate advice.

2,How many years warranty I can get ?
A: Different quality levels range from 5 to 10 years and we will deal with any issues during the warranty period. If there are any quality problems, we accept a one month return.

3,Is it difficult to install artificial grass turf ?
A:This is very easy, we can provide you with a full range of accessories and professional guidance. Please let us know if you need it!28.jpg  10.jpg 

Our artificial turf follows the ISO9001 quality management system and is certified by ROHS, CE, ISO and SGS.

As a professional manufacturer and innovator of artificial turf, Wuxi Frengrass has a complete four artificial turf production processes: extrusion, twisting, tufting and coating. Our technological advantages ensure the quality and stable supply of our products.