Artificial Golf Grass

Artificial Golf Grass

Quality primacy A rtificial grass introduction Artificial grass color is has a gauge of 3/16''with 33tufts per dm,the density is 73500tufts per squremeter,the pile height is 15mm and 4500Dtex.The backing is made of polipropliene with a weight of 165g/m2.and with SBR...

Product Details

Artificial Grass is perfect for croquet court installations at private homes, commercial sports centers, public parks and other facilities. We can install artificial turf for croquet on most surfaces, including asphalt and concrete, with specialized padding that provides a natural, life-like surface for play.
Technical parameters


Artificial golf grass

Item No.




Pile Height









PP+SBR Latex



The pile height,machine gauge and density could be specially made according to your demands. 

Material: PE+PP
Color: Different color for choose.
Feature: Evergreen, duable, artistic, eco-friendly, easy to maintain and clear
Shipping: By sea, per your request
Package: Safety export carton,package ,per your request
Delivery Time: 7-25 days

How to obtain suitable artificial grass products and systems? There are several things to consider:
1. Always choose tested and approved high quality artificial grass products
2. Make sure to use a shock pad under the surface for a perfect game effect
3. Only hire experts to install artificial turf
4. Maintain turf by regularly brushing and removing leaves
5. Perform regular performance checks to maintain the optimum condition of the artificial turf.

1. all weather
    Completely free from the impact of climate, greatly improving the efficiency of the use of the site.
2. Evergreen
    Natural grasses will enter the dormancy period and artificial grasses will still give you the feeling of spring.
3. Environmental protection:
    The  material of the audience is in line with the requirements of  environmental protection, and the artificial turf surface can be  recycled.
    Artificial  grass is based on the principle of bionic production. The  non-directional nature of the lawn allows the user to have little  difference in the natural grassland activities. The elasticity is good  and the foot feels comfortable.
   Guaranteed 2 years.
    The construction is simple and it can be laid on the asphalt, cement, and hard sand. There is almost no maintenance cost.

Our Service
1. High-quality products
2. Competitive price
3. Large factories, imported production equipment, fast delivery cycle
4. Great customer service
5. Olympic suppliers and many other international sports events
6. Full range of sports equipment and turf installation/management equipment
7. All range of certificates
8. High creativity brought by strong R&D team


Question 1: What is the material of our artificial grass? Are they safe?
Answer: PE, PP and PA. 100% fresh material, environmentally friendly and harmless.
Question 2: Our product warranty.
Answer: Usually 6-8 years.
Question 3: The packaging of our products.
Answer: Usually paper tube + PP bag. It can also be designed according to your requirements.
Question 4: About installation.
A: We can provide one-stop service for each customer. Joint tape, nails, rubber, glue.

Our artificial turf following the ISO9001 quality management system.also get the certification of ROHS,CE,ISO,SGS.
As a professional manufacturer and innovator of artificial lawns, Wuxi Frengrass possesses the complete four processes of artificial lawn production: extrusion, twisting, tufting and coating. Its technical advantage in the whole industry ensures our products quality and stable supply.