Acceptance criteria and frequency of artificial turf

- Mar 25, 2019-

Acceptance criteria and frequency of artificial turf

Artificial turf has been favored by public organizations such as organizations, schools and stadiums. At the same time, because the artificial turf can not only be anti-slip, dust-removing, easy to clean, and looks like real grass, it has the same feeling of greening. Now it has become an ordinary household decoration product, which is loved by ordinary people. Therefore, the market prospect of artificial turf is widely optimistic.

The artificial turf is mainly composed of three parts: grass seedling, woven grass bottom and glue base. Artificial grass also has the characteristics of high frequency of use, easy paving, simple maintenance and quick drainage. These advantages make artificial turf have broad development space and have a tendency to replace natural grass.

Artificial turf acceptance criteria

1.Turf surface

For the surface of the artificial turf, the color of the grass surface should be observed, and the grass color is required to be bright, the color is uniform, and there is no color difference. There is also a requirement that there is no obvious seam mark at the cutting joint of the turf, the filling layer should be evenly, and the surface should be flat without bumps, so that the surface appearance can truly meet the standard.

2. Measurement accuracy

Measurement during construction is also a key link, so we must check the measurement accuracy during the acceptance. For example, when laying a football field, it is necessary to mark various field lines, and it should be accurate and correct by tested.

3. Performance testing

This test is to test the performance of the turf, such as the rebound of the ball to meet the acceptance criteria, etc. This is really a test of sports