Advantages and basic maintenance of Golf Turf

- Mar 28, 2019-

The grass of the golf turf is soft and hard, without any directional tilt, so that it can fill the gap in the domestic technology to a certain extent. Golf is different from other ball games. The golfer must score by driving the ball into the hole on the green artificial grass. This makes the artificial turf laying an important factor affecting the performance of the players.

Advantages of Golf Turf

The development of the simulated natural curved grass project made the golf turf a good artificial golf turf on the market. The sports turf allows the ball to roll over the bare edge in the near field, and the soft texture can catch any long-range shot. In fact, golf artificial turf have such a high simulation performance that most installers can set the speed of the putter surface to match the golfer's level of motion.

The golf turf does not require watering and only need the basic maintenance,it makes the sports turf a good alternative. Due to the shortage of available natural waters and climate changes, golf artificial turf does not require light and can be used both as an indoor green and as an outdoor golf green.

Construction foundation of golf turf: cement and asphalt floor are better. Compact soil can also be used to lay artificial turf, but it must be flat and dry, without unevenness or damage, and remove debris. It is best to set a certain drainage drainage measure for the outdoor site.