Advantages and characteristics of leisure turf

- Nov 01, 2018-

Leisure lawn features
1. Simulate the characteristics of real grass, high color fastness and bright color.
2. Good drainage and low slip resistance.
3. Simple paving and low maintenance costs.
4. It is erect, and it can stand upright when it is placed in the sun.
The advantages of a leisure lawn
1. It can be used all day long regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, sun and rain.
2. Fully simulate natural lawns, comparable to natural lawns.
3. It has high environmental protection and high wear resistance.
4. Has good ventilation and drainage performance.
5. Anti-aging, long use time.
The leisure turf has become more and more extensive in the process of use. The color of the lawn is natural and the grass is fine and soft, the seasons are evergreen, no need to remove insects, trimming, low maintenance cost and no smell, it is a home to add green Change the warmth to a good choice. Nowadays, more and more leisure lawns are being used in home decoration, office greening, shopping mall window display, event building, DIY production and other decorations.