Advantages and characteristics of track synthetic turf with cement foundation

- Jun 20, 2018-

The track synthetic turf has the characteristics of bright appearance, vivid color, good drainage performance and four seasons green, long life and low maintenance cost. The quality requirements of the track synthetic turf are mainly concentrated in three aspects, hardness, leveling and drainage slope.

There are three types of track synthetic turf base, gravel base, cement base and asphalt base. What type of base will be used is mainly decided by its climate, budget and time. In the most of our domestic areas , they prefer to use cement concrete base because of its economical and practical.

The advantage of using the cement base for track synthetic turf

1. There is a high requirement on the surface roughness of cement foundation, so as to ensure the thickness of artificial grass surface is uniform and its elastic uniformity. The qualified rate of smoothness is over 95%, the measurements allowed error is 3mm of 5 meters ruler, the slope is 8‰ in horizontal, 5‰ in vertical, and 5‰ in the half circle area. The surface should be smooth and smooth to ensure the drainage.

2. The cement foundation has a certain strength and stability.

3. The surface of the cement base is uniform and solid, without cracks, without flimsy edges, and the joints are straight and smooth

4. The cushion is compacted, the density is greater than 95%. After the compaction of the medium roller press, there is no significant track, no loose soil, wave and so on

5. The cement foundation must have an aquifer, and the new PVC thickened water resisting membrane is adopted in the aquifer. The junction should be larger than 300mm and the margin is greater than 150mm.

6. The expansion joint should be considered, and the width is 5 mm.

7. The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.

In foreign countries, the artificial grass fiber materials used in most of the artificial turf are high-grade nylon materials, and also use multiple fibers. The non-infill synthetic turf can be divided into two kinds of water seepage and non water seepage. This kind turf resembles natural grass in appearance, some of them have a layer of shock absorbing foam cushion, and shock absorbing layer with different density and thickness. Under the shock foam, a smooth layer of asphalt should be laid on the base. The asphalt underneath must be paved with gravel, sand and pebbles as the basis, and the structure of the drainage system is the most critical part.