Advantages and sports performance of kindergartens artificial turf

- Jul 13, 2018-

In the process of making the artificial lawn of the kindergarten, the height of the lawn is 8mm-10mm. In general, there are two kinds of yarn and silk in the shape of the lawn. From the appearance, the lawn of curved yarn is more smooth and denser, similar to the carpet. The advantage is that it is dense and not easy to see the backing. The height corresponding to the 10mm of the artificial silk lawn can be adjusted by itself. Generally, the density should be at least 50,000 turfs per square meter, so that the motion performance of the site can be guaranteed. If only for temporary activities or daily decorations, you can choose a more low-cost lawn.

The kindergarten artificial turf needs to build a safe and healthy green place, The whole turf is nontoxic and pollution-free. Artificial turf materials in kindergartens include nontoxic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene.`

The kindergarten artificial turf using imported raw materials, the industry's top environmental glue BASF. The artificial lawn of the kindergarten is environmentally friendly and the artificial lawn can be recycled and reused. The kindergarten artificial turf is made of curved grass (the type of artificial grass can be selected according to the demand of the customer). The turf looks like natural grass and the greening effect are better.

The kindergarten artificial lawn has the following advantages

1.The cost of the kindergarten artificial grass is low. Compared with the cost of rubber, the cost of kindergarten artificial lawn is relatively low. 

2.The kindergarten lawn is simple to lay. The requirements for foundation surface is not very high, the ground can be laid directly if it is hardened and leveled.

3.The construction efficiency of artificial lawn in kindergartens is high. And it is simple, orderly and fast in construction, which make the overall construction efficiency is improved.

4. The working life of kindergartens artificial turf is long. The life span of artificial lawn is generally 5 to 8 years, and the life is far longer than that of poor lawn.

5.The kindergarten artificial turf saves the maintenance expenses. The kindergarten artificial turf only needs to regularly repair the impurities on the lawn, and the artificial lawn is not easy to fade. 

6. There are various kinds of kindergarten artificial turf. There are many patterns of kindergarten artificial turf, and patterns can be customized according to their preferences. Laying patterns can also be laid out according to the design.

7. The water seepage performance of kindergarten artificial turf is good. 

Artificial turf of kindergarten has the characteristics of non-toxic, pollution-free, shock-absorbing and reducing sports injury, which makes artificial lawn widely used in kindergarten. Therefore, the choice of better performance of artificial turf can not only bring health to children, but also beautify the environment.