Advantages of use of commercial artificial lawns and high temperature resistance

- Feb 24, 2019-

commercial artificial lawns are very clean and hygienic when used. Many parents feel that there are more bacteria on the lawn. Because the children's resistance is poor and they are not suitable for playing on them, these real lawns are gradually replaced by artificial lawn. The benefits of laying artificial turf are many, not only safe and hygienic, but also unsightly because of the pedaling.
The all-weather nature of commercial artificial lawns, which is basically free from weather and geographical influences. It can be used in extreme climates such as high cold, high temperature and high altitude, and has a long service life. Commercial gardens are diverse in color and durable. Fading, to a certain extent, can be directly matched with the surrounding environment and the building complex. It is a good choice for sports venues, leisure gardens, roof gardens and other places.
commercial artificial lawns are laid and maintained. commercial artificial lawns  require relatively low foundations. To a certain extent, they can be applied on asphalt and cement with a short cycle. The lawn is especially suitable for long training time and high density. Construction of venues for primary and secondary schools. The artificial lawn is easy to maintain, has good water permeability and is particularly