All-weather artificial turf

- Oct 12, 2018-

The all-weather nature of artificial turf is not affected by the climate to a certain extent, so that it can effectively improve the utilization rate of its site, the evergreen nature of artificial turf, and the artificial grass can still give you spring after the natural grass enters the dormant period. feel. Environmentally materials are environmentally friendly, and artificial grass surface layers can be recycled and reused.

Artificial turf is durable and not easy to fade to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is very suitable for high-use venues. The economics of its products can generally guarantee the service life of more than five years. Basically, no maintenance fees occur, and only need to prevent human damage. It can be paved on the basis of asphalt, cement, hard sand and other sites.

The resilience of the artificial turf gives a certain impact force to the surface of the artificial turf field to a certain extent. After the artificial turf is impacted, the deformation value of the surface indicates the resilience performance of the turf. Artificial turf with good resilience performance is more suitable for running and exercising, and it is more effective to prevent athletes from falling and closer to natural turf.