Application field of sports turf and paving of quartz sand and rubber particles

- Apr 03, 2019-

The sports turf can be effectively used in football fields, tennis courts, hockey fields, gateball fields, baseball fields, cricket grounds, rugby fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, etc.

The sports turf is strong and wear-resistant, can be used all day, and has excellent athlete protection function. It can effectively avoid joint damage, skin burns or abrasions that athletes may encounter during exercise, and ensure the normal rolling and running speed of football. .

Sports turf quartz sand, rubber granules

1. The sports turf quartz sand must be spread by a spreader when spreading. Quartz sand requires a roundness of more than 80% and a circular diameter of 0.2-1.5 mm.

2. After the installation of the sports turf is completed, the quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid.

3. The laying of quartz sand is divided into N times according to the design sand amount. After each spreading, it must be combed repeatedly with professional combing equipment to make the quartz sand fall fully dense. Any impurities found in the pavement must be removed immediately to ensure quality.

4. The laying of quartz sand should be checked for levelness and sufficiency, and the deficiencies should be filled as appropriate.

5. Fill the quartz sand with rubber pellets in the same way as quartz