Artificial turf grass fiber material basic requirements

- Apr 13, 2018-

The finished product of the lawn consists of filaments, the main components of which are polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene, and the like. The first two are softer than the latter and the prices are higher. However, if it is too soft, the grass cannot be erected (here refers to sports grass), and the ball's rebound ability is low. There are two evaluation indicators for fiber filaments: grass denier and fiber diameter.

Artificial turf grass fiber material. Polyethylene (PE) has a good price/performance ratio. It is popular internationally and widely accepted by the general public. Polypropylene (PP) and grass fiber are hard, and it is easy to fibrillate. It is generally suitable for tennis courts, artificial turfs, and playgrounds. Nylon (PA) is The best artificial grass materials, the United States and other developed countries generally use nylon artificial grass, high prices in China, most customers can not accept.

basic requirements:

1. Keep the venue clean;

2. Put a “No Smoking” logo on the grass around the motor vehicle and do not enter the sports venue.

3. Reduce the number of sweeps to avoid cleaning at high temperatures;

4. Set up enough bins;

5. Control the use of the site;

6. Small damage should be repaired in time.

Artificial turf installation

The requirements for the foundation are not high. They can be concrete floors, asphalt floors, hard sand floors, and cement stabilization layers.

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