Artificical grass running track’s Back force performance and yarn grass color

- Sep 14, 2018-

Artificical grass running tracks in the operation process of its backing cloth, the backing is usually made of styrene-butadiene latex. It is believed that the darker the color of the grass, the better the quality. In fact, there is no basis. In fact, the depth of the color depends on the depth of the color. The color of the masterbatch is not related to the quality. The life of the grass is mainly related to the quality and quantity of the anti-UV additive.
A certain impact force is applied to the surface of the artificial grass running track. After the artificial grass is impacted, the deformation value of the surface indicates the return performance of the grass. Artificial grass  with good return performance is more suitable for running and exercising, and it is more effective to prevent athletes from falling and closer to natural turf.
The wear resistance of the artificial grass running track  is effectively pressed back and forth on the artificial turf sample by the nail roller on the Lisport test equipment to some extent. When the normal use is simulated, the athlete wears the nailed sneakers to move on the lawn to reach a certain level. After the time period, test and evaluate the wear of the lawn.