Artistic composition and design requirements for landscape artificial turf

- Sep 12, 2018-

Landscape artificial turf will effectively use its lawn in the garden parts during the application process. It is generally used as a landscape, and it can be very good for buildings, terrain, roads and shrubs. The effect of setting and blending.

When the landscape artificial turf is used in conjunction with the terrain, the terrain and artificial turf will generally be integrated into one. The product can express the beauty of the terrain, and is often used in small gardens, courtyards, parks, communities and scenic areas. Especially after the micro-reconstruction, the terrain will be slightly changed, the surface will be more neat, and the artificial turf can be better visually displayed, but if the terrain is relatively large, and open and flat When the artificial turf is combined, it can better reflect the complex terrain.

Buildings throughout the design process, whether it is utilization or location, are very important, because the lawn is relatively low, with the corresponding openness, can be reflected in the design features using the contrasting building, combined with artificial turf Plasticity, softening the building on the blunt lines, and enriching the design of the entire landscape with richer artistic composition. If you want to create a landscape environment that is beneficial to the health of the body, the surrounding environment and buildings must be mutually Coordination, because the artificial turf belongs to the ping fast, it is more obvious in effect and is often used in regulating buildings and the environment.