Basic maintenance and cleaning process for commercial turf

- Apr 04, 2019-

The asphalt base of commercial turfs is preferably made of bituminous material containing no or very little wax. The asphalt mixture must be sufficiently compacted, the surface is very uniform and firm, and the surface is flat and free of cracks. The appearance of the commercial turf is very bright and green, very vivid, and the drainage performance of the whole product is very good,and the service life is relatively long. Commercial turfs have low maintenance costs and need to be effective in keeping the site clean during use.

Commercial turfs must avoid high-temperature cleaning during the cleaning process. It is also necessary to reduce the  cleaning time to a certain extent. There are enough garbage bins around the turf to effectively control the use of the site. Small damage is required, please timely repair.

· Commercial turfs are divided into injection molded artificial turf and woven artificial turf according to the production process. The injection molding artificial turf adopts the injection molding process, and the plastic granules are extruded once in the mold, and the turf is bent by the bending technology, so that the grass leaves are equidistantly arranged in equal amounts, and the height of the blades is completely unified. Suitable for kindergartens, sports fields, balconies, greening ,barren sand and other