Basic requirements and construction of artificial turf

- Mar 02, 2019-

The artificial turf will be effectively based on the basic requirements of its site. The basis is that the asphalt concrete foundation, cement concrete foundation or 10% cement stone powder foundation layer is cured after the requirements are met, and then the artificial turf is laid. The main construction process is as follows:
1. Check the entire turf field to be laid, whether the basic compactness and flatness meet the requirements, and then start laying the artificial turf. In order to make the folds of the lawn naturally stretch, it is recommended to expose the artificial lawn to the sun for one day.
2. Before starting the artificial turf, measure the line on the whole site, measure the position of the course line and mark it, mark it with ink of different colors, and determine the laying direction and position of the artificial turf.
3. Start laying artificial turf: a special splicing belt is placed on the turf joint surface and fixed on it with steel nails. The steel nail head cannot be raised, and the joint area needs to overlap more than 10cm.
4. Apply glue to the joint interface. Before the glue dries, lay and join the cut lawn so that each artificial lawn is tightly bonded.
5. After the laying is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of each joint area is smooth, and whether the artificial grass is firmly bonded. After the inspections meet the requirements, the next step can be carried out.
6. Cut off the green artificial turf at the location where you need to insert the white artificial turf, insert it into the joint belt, apply glue on it, and then insert the cut white artificial turf into the course line marked before the pavement. The position is bonded to the splicing tape.
7. Sprinkle quartz sand and rubber pellets according to the needs of the site. If you need to sprinkle quartz sand, pour quartz sand or black rubber particles into the sprinkler, push the sprinkler to fill the surface of the artificial turf with quartz sand or black rubber particles, and brush the quartz sand or black behind the sprinkler. The rubber particles and the quartz sand or black rubber particles are fully