Basic requirements and construction of landscape turf

- Mar 16, 2019-

Basic requirements and construction of landscape turf

In the using of landscape turf, its foundation can be effectively divided into three materials: cement concrete foundation, asphalt foundation and notoginseng lime soil foundation.


Basic requirements of landscape turf

1. Flatness of landscape turf: the passing rate of flatness is above 95%, with a 5-meter ruler error of 3mm.      

2. Slope: 3 -- 4 of the central site, with a turtle back drainage design. Curve 8, straight 5, half circle 5, the surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.

3.Strength and stability: the surface is uniform and solid, without cracks or broken edges, and the joints are straight and smooth. Cutting pieces of about 6000mm * 6000mm is preferred. The cushion is compacted with density of more than 95%, and no obvious wheel-track, loose topsoil, wave and other phenomena are observed after being pressed by the medium roller.

4. Water-proof layer: new PVC reinforced water-proof film shall be used. The lap joint shall be 200mm and the trimming allowance shall be more than 150mm.

5. Maintenance period: the basic maintenance period is 21 days.

6. Positioning: for accurate construction and line drawing, firm and distinctive markers should be used to mark the lines of the