Basketball artificial grass features and advantage

- Jun 09, 2018-

In the process of making the basketball artificial grass, Frengrass lawn is mainly made of 10 mm turf with excellent quality grass yarn and double layer composite bottom cloth which ensure the high wear-resistance. The basketball turf is filled with 40-70 purpose quartz sand, which makes the lawn more stable and ensures the rebound speed of the basketball. 

The characteristics of the basketball artificial grass

1. The artificial turf inside the basketball court will be filled with 40-70 purpose quartz sand, which will make the lawn more stable and ensure the rebound speed of the ball.

2.There are dense drainage holes in the backing of turf, which insure the excellent water permeability.

3.The basic requirements are not high, can be directly lay on flat concrete ground

4. The product has good resistance to dirt environment and is especially suitable for areas of poor environment and high dust emission.

5.It is easy to maintain and can use broom directly on the surface.

6.With the concept of safety protection and the buffer force of the basketball artificial lawn, so that it can effectively reduce or avoid the injury of its movement and hard damage to the foot.

7. The artificial grass material is in line with environmental protection requirements, and the artificial lawn can be recycled and reused.

8.The artificial grass has the function of reducing the noise on the playground and then reducing the interference to the class

9.Using of clean and high weight quartz sand in the synthetic turf which allows students to get close to the soil and not to mess up the environment and the body.

10.It is easy to maintain, and has almost no subsequent maintenance cost.