Construction and acceptance criteria for sports lawn

- Jul 10, 2018-

Foundation acceptance of sports lawn

1.In general, the foundation of sports lawn is cement concrete or asphalt pouring, which has a certain strength and stability performance.

2. The foundation of sports turf is that it can not produce sand and peeling caused by freezing and cracks.

3.The flatness of the foundation, the error is less than 4mm of the 3 meters straightedge, and has a certain slope, generally 3-5%, so as to facilitate drainage in rainy days.

4. The sports lawn in the frozen area using anti freezing technology. In general, a layer of geotextiles will be added to the asphalt layer and the gravel layer to be buffered, and special waterproof should be done along the foundation of the water groove.

5.The basic surface of the sports lawn needs to be kept clean and dry. The asphalt base needs to be maintained for about 30 days after completion of the asphalt base, so that the low boiling point component of the asphalt surface is evaporated and the base layer has enough bond strength.

The concrete foundation of sports turf should also have 30 days' maintenance period. Large scale use should be considered for expansion joints and surface treatment should be smooth.

6.Technical indexes of asphalt concrete foundation.

7.The compactness of the foundation is more than 95% after the base rolling

8.The compacted density of roadbed graded sand and gravel layer is more than 2.3kg/cm2, and the surface is smooth, solid without sand nest and plum blossom phenomenon.

9.The asphalt surface should be free from oil pollution, no cracks, no cracks and no water blocking. 

Acceptance procedure of sports lawn

1. First check the field evenness and slope, and correct the unqualified part.

2.Check and accept artificial lawn according to material that provided by construction unit.

3.Work out the construction plan and report to the owner.

4. Compile material plan according to the amount of work to ensure the quality and duration of construction.

5.Clean up the site, clean up the sites for lawn laying, remove oil, dirt, soil and other rubbish.

6.The surrounding areas should be kept clean and littering entry is strictly prohibited. 

7. For old buildings with long construction time, the expansion joints must be cleaned and make new materials added.