Construction plan and measurement requirements for sports lawn

- Dec 26, 2018-

 1. Construction measurement and stakeout: The rules of the drawing of the sports lawn in the process of designing, performing measurement and stakeout; using the theodolite or other precision measuring instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the sports field, and if there is any inappropriateness, it should be modified immediately. The tolerance is ±5mm.

2. Paving of geotextiles for sports lawns: Pay attention to the asphalt spray when laying geotextiles to ensure the strength of the joints. After laying the geotextiles, flatten the road surface with a rubber tire roller.

3. Lawn paving: first nail the line, keep the spacing of 3~5mm, the lawn should be cut flat, and the bonding glue is used to bond with the geotextile to keep the bonding firm.

4. Lawn construction process description: Before bonding, keep the construction site clean, dry, stable below 5 degrees Celsius, the weather is not easy to operate; the construction process is sequential, glued, bonded, pressurized, and cured.

5. Construction process: the coating thickness is uniform, no repeated rubber coating; adhesion control drying time after coating, 10~15 minutes; after bonding, clean the surface of the lawn, use a special rubber outward hammer to bond the joint, For reinforcement, the curing time is usually three days, and the actual strength of the artificial turf is measured after ten days.