Daily maintenance and main advantages of leisure artificial turf

- Jul 12, 2018-

Leisure lawns are made by non life plastic fiber products as raw materials. It is an important way to solve the problem that the natural lawn is not easy to grow and is not suitable for planting. Compared with natural grass, artificial turf has obvious advantages, such as it can be used in all weather, it is less affected by rain and snow, maintenance is simple, maintenance cost is low. Besides that, it is eco-friendly. It is not a substitute for natural grass. Therefore, artificial turf is very suitable for high and middle school sports field or training field with high frequency.

What should be paid attention to in daily maintenance of leisure lawn?

1.The artificial turf maintenance is different from that of traditional real grass. Proper maintenance will extend the life and beauty of artificial turf.

2.Keep the site clean: clean the site when necessary, and ensure that there is enough litter bin for use.

3.Control the frequency of the use of the site.

4.Ensure there are no garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills in the adjacent area.

5.Repair small damage in time.

6.Do not park vehicles on the ground, especially in hot weather. If you must access the field, do not park the vehicle on the grass for a long time.

7.Follow the maintenance and cleaning procedures.