Drainage performance and weight of landscape turf shock absorption mat

- Jul 14, 2018-

The turf shock absorption mat is largely used in sports and landscape gardens, the use of elastic pad will support landscape turf system achieved the performance and characteristics of natural turf.

As its excellent drainage performance, the landscape turf shock absorption mat widely used in football, children's amusement park, landscape, rugby, and related leisure places. In this case, we will effectively customize and cut according to its site, and because of itself characteristics, it is easy to lay and with economic cost.

Landscape turf weight is lighter, easy for installation. In fact, it will be customized and rolled according to the size of the site.

The landscape turf shock absorption mat will not be powdered and rotted, and its life is long. When the cushion is used, the surface is smooth and the stress resistance is stronger

Artificial turf site will have the characteristics of thick and wear-resistant, in this case, it can cope with the needs of football sports. And the artificial turf installation is very simple, directly open and gluing, then it can be used, is suitable for various indoor and outdoor sports venues