Hotel is more suitable for artificial turf reasons

- Apr 13, 2018-

It is not difficult to find that compared with golf courses, artificial turf is more suitable for hotels, and golf courses use real grass for better results. The reasons for this can be explained from three perspectives. One is the user base, the other is the shoes, and the third is the professional level.

It should be noted that the hotel and golf venues face different user groups. The hotel's guests are mainly for excursions and conferences, while the golf course's guests are for the purpose of playing. Therefore, golf courses use real grass, and hotels should choose artificial turf as ground.

It is because of the delicate nature of the grass on the golf course that the usual leather shoes or sports shoes are not suitable. Therefore, some golf courses have mandatory regulations and guests must wear spiked golf shoes to allow them to end. Even if there are golf courses in the hotel, it is also used as entertainment facilities. Therefore, artificial turf can be used.

Mainly because artificial turf does not require shoes, and its stability is relatively good, plus a relatively long service life, can make every guest who has a hobby can feel the charm of golf at any time, greatly improving the guest's satisfaction with the hotel degree.

Another point is that suitable professional standards are not the same. Artificial turf is suitable for both professional and non-professionals. Real grass is not particularly suitable for non-professionals. It will easily leave a deep scratch on the site. It is difficult to repair.

From all the above perspectives, it is proved that artificial turf can be more suitable than real grass, whether suitable for guests or not.