How to build Artificial Turf

- Apr 01, 2019-

Artificial turf must save more materials when it is being constructed. If it is an indoor soccer field or a football field, more choose artificial turfs. In the actual purchase process, it should avoid the middlemen make the price difference , and even avoid middlemen disturb the market price. The manufacturer sends the construction team to install the turfs. This mode of operation is basically the same as some of the original operating modes, but it is possible to complete projects with quality and quantity, so that everyone can learn more methods. When building artificial turf, we must know what they need to use.

The main material for artificial turf construction is artificial turf. Other auxiliary materials cover quartz sand, rubber granules and related adhesives, and need workers to pave. Therefore, artificial turf is also expensive. The price of the football field of the entire artificial turf is also composed of various parts.

It takes about one or two days for the artificial turf of the football field to be transported to the venue. Rinse the site with water first. During the drying process, check whether there is water in the whole site. Also, make a comprehensive correction for the uneven area. According to the relevant design drawings or the size to find the basis, clean the perimeter of the site, pay attention to clean up all the debris in the site, and then start the grass according to the design drawings on the entire site. After the work is completed, it enters the paving of the