How to trim an outdoor sports turf

- Apr 07, 2019-

The sports turf is a very common type in the current use environment. In fact, from the perspective of the existing turf trimming, if it is really necessary to make corrections, then everyone must have a lot of understanding when actually refining. How to repair outdoor artificial turf, there must be more finishing plans in this regard.

When using outdoor sports turfs, wearing shoes on some football turf you must also pay attention to it. It is forbidden to wear 9mm long nail shoes running on artificial grass, and must be careful. Never let the motor vehicle moving on the turf. Don't let anything heavier, put it on the turf for a long time, don't let the shot or the javelin and other high-falling things roll back and forth on the turf.

 There are certainly many damaged areas around or inside after long time of using of sports turfs. These places will have moss on them, or other fungi. A small range of artificial turf, basically have more anti-entanglement agents, as long as the concentration is appropriate, the artificial turf will certainly not be affected, this kind of thing can completely clean the turf, and you can also use the broom to put them out. If the turf is to be handled and cleaned as a whole, professional masters are required.

There will be some impurities or garbage on the sports turf. They should be cleaned up in time, and the gum, nuts or leaves should be cleaned up in time and check if there are other things in the field.