Innate advantage of artificial turf pitch

- Sep 10, 2018-

1. The artificial turf course material is environmentally friendly, the construction period is short, and the quality is easy to check.

2. The friction between the goal ball and the lawn is greatly reduced, and the speed and direction of the ball are more stable.

3. The artificial turf gate course makes the athletes feel comfortable and reduces fatigue, which adds fun to the people.

4. The artificial turf gate course has high utilization rate, namely shock absorption, no noise, safe and non-toxic, flexible, and good flame retardant performance.

5. The artificial turf gate stadium is breathable and permeable, not afraid of cracking, no worries and delamination, it is simple and economical.

6. The artificial turf gate course is easy to maintain and has low maintenance cost. It can be removed by rinsing with water, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

7. The artificial turf gate course has a beautiful layout, high usage rate, long life of more than 8 years, and is durable and easy to maintain, and can be used continuously throughout the day.