Kindergarten artificial turf beautiful and interesting features and safety and comfort

- May 10, 2018-

The quality of kindergarten artificial turf is, to a certain extent, the highest quality among all artificial turf products. In the process of production, the environment is generally required to be completely environmentally friendly, and to a certain extent, it does not cause any harm to the baby or the environment. At the same time most of the kindergarten artificial turf have antibacterial properties, which reduces the damage of the baby to bacterial viruses. Kindergarten artificial turf also needs better protection performance to reach a certain density and protect the baby from harm.
Kindergarten artificial turf will have better pertinence and adaptability in the process of production. To a certain extent, kindergarten is a child's world. In the design of paving, the safety and comfort of the child should be the focus, and secondly, construction should be carried out. The venue and the paving cost are supplemented to dress up the kindergarten venue.
The overall layout of kindergarten artificial turf is very simple and smooth. The appearance of the artificial turf is beautiful and simple. When the product is used, it is environmentally friendly, and it will have recycling resources to a certain extent; kindergarten turf has higher safety performance. The artificial turf has good elasticity and anti-fall function in order to protect children and the public.
Kindergarten artificial turf is noise-free during construction of renewal renewal guards. It will not affect the normal order of kindergartens during operation, and kindergarten turf construction site area is not large, and construction time is relatively short and will not be Kindergarten adds unnecessary trouble.
Kindergarten artificial turf has a high initial investment cost, but it saves maintenance costs at a later stage. Nursery turf maintenance costs are relatively low. It only requires regular cleaning of the turf on the lawn. If the turf is a washable stain, it needs only clean water to clean; if there is residue Stains require specific cleaning agent removal. And artificial turf use a long time, artificial turf quality is easy to test.
Kindergarten artificial turf is an important branch of recreational turf. In addition to the advantages of general leisure turf that must be used when it is used, it is also necessary to have a more attractive and interesting look at this group of people who serve as kindergartens and children. specialty. Today's artificial turf manufacturers with certain technologies can integrate various designs of color patterns and cartoon characters into green lawns during the production of lawns to form a whole, without splicing, once paving, creating a fairy tale. Beautiful world.