Kindness and safety of kindergarten turf

- Apr 02, 2019-

Kindergarten turf is to let children have a dream full of dreams and childlike happiness. This is the wish of every parent. Health and happiness are the foundation and foundation of children's growth. Diverse patterns and colorful colors are used to take off the children's imagination with wings.

Kindergarten turf covers and replaces traditional plastic and PVC paving materials with special design, low cost, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and safety, beautiful appearance and adaptability. Compared with ordinary artificial turf, it has stronger targeting and better adaptability to kindergarten.

The degree of adhesion of the kindergarten turf can be reasonably controlled during the operation according to the actual influence of the temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions at the time of operation. Generally, within 10-30 minutes after the glue is applied, the glue reaches 80% to dry and the hand is not sticky. When bonding, it is required to be aligned once and firmly, and it is not allowed to move the bonded object back and forth after sticking.

After the kindergarten turf is pressed and re-bonded, the surface debris is removed, and a special rubber hammer is used to hammer the two sides from the bonding position, so that the surface is fully contacted and dense, and the bonding is firmer. The curing time is generally three days, and the final strength of the test is generally ten days. Care should be taken during curing to avoid exposure, flooding and movement to achieved the best