Landscape lawn design to consider those things

- Apr 13, 2018-

The lawn appears as a background and is widely used in garden layouts. Whether in a regular layout or a natural layout, it can achieve a good landscape effect, which not only integrates perfectly with other landscape elements, but also plays a role of contrast and coordination.

Lawn, also known as grassland, generally refers to “the entire green ground that is cultivated by artificially laying turf or sowing grass species in gardens, and is an important part of gardens and is a venue for viewing and recreational activities.”

It has been used in gardens for thousands of years and people have accumulated rich experience. Therefore, the study of garden turf is beneficial to its healthy development.

Lawn Landscape Design Principles

1, the principle of function

The function of the lawn is diversified. Before the design, you first need to understand the needs of Party A and the natural conditions of the land. If you require a multifunctional lawn, you need to analyze the relationship between the primary and secondary functions and the possibility of combining and the need to pay for cost.

2. Landscape principles

Landscape is the most important and basic function of garden lawns. It is often achieved by means of a variety of materials including turfgrass and certain planning methods. Therefore, the turf landscape design should integrate the turf element and the surrounding landscape that is already existing or will be constructed for systematic design.

3, ecological principles

The lawn has the functions of reducing secondary dust, solid soil slope protection, oxygen production, and carbon dioxide absorption. However, compared with the complex combination of jos, irrigation and grass, the ecological function of the lawn is limited. This requires that the area of empty lawns should be adapted to the local climate. Do not only strive for completeness, but pay attention to the combination with trees and shrubs, and at the same time promote the use of native grasses and mixed grasses.

How to use lawn landscape

1, functional positioning

The functional principle of the lawn determines that the lawn has multiple functionalities. In terms of basic functions, there are types of recreation, viewing, sports, solid slope protection, and protection of nature.

Sports lawn: football fields, golf courses, tennis courts and other sports activities grass;

Ornamental turf: It is mainly ornamental and ornamental. It may be placed on the bare soil, or it may be planted in or near the flower bed.

Solid soil slope protection: mainly used for river banks, lake banks, roadside slope protection, traffic islands and airports;