Landscape lawn turf maintenance and use advantages

- Nov 06, 2018-

Maintenance and maintenance of landscape lawn turf
1. Landscape turf needs to effectively maintain adjacent areas without rubbish, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills.
2. The landscape lawn needs to be erected on the premises with the sign "No smoking, no food is allowed."
3. Repair small injuries in time.
4. Do not park the vehicle on an artificial turf, especially when it is operating on a hot day or when the vehicle is parked on wet grass for a long time.
5. If the grass is used under heavy load, the site should have special arrangements for pitting the turf with plywood and fiber.
6. Follow the nursery and cleaning procedures.
7. Landscape lawns need to keep their site clean and clean the site when needed.
8. There are enough garbage bins for the athletes to use.
9. Manipulate the frequency of use of artificial turf.
The advantages of the landscape lawn itself make maintenance and maintenance simple
1. Landscape lawns need to keep the site clean.
2. Erect the “No Smoking” sign around the grass.
3. Do not enter motor vehicles or heavy objects.
4. Reduce the number of sweeps, but avoid cleaning at high temperatures.
5. Set up enough junk smoke.
6. Maneuver the use of the venue.
7. Small damage should be repaired in time.