Landscape turf flatness and maintenance requirements

- Mar 12, 2019-

Landscape turf flatness and maintenance requirements

·         There are many facts about the landscape lawn when it is used. The glued turf is better marked with paint, and we highly recommend the rubber-filled turf. It pay attention to that it should be light and flat when painting to prevent the grass fibers from sticking together.

Painting of landscape turf

Paint on a clean, dry surface with turf free of grease. In order to make the turf look good and there are no footprints, it is necessary to clean the old, degraded paint and any dirt before painting the turf.

We recommend coatings, equipment and techniques for use throughout the sports field. Anyway, when you decide to do the work yourself, keep the following in mind:

1. "lasting paint"

Remember that no paint will achieve true “lasting”. Proper use of these coatings can last for a quarter. They should be one of the latex paints, which are super soft and highly absorbent.

2. The painting step is recommended to be completed under the following conditions:

(1) Paint on a dry site.

(2) Recommended turf temperature is 18-30 ° C.

(3) The venue should be as clean as possible.

(4) The thickness of the paint on the turf is very important, and it is necessary to avoid excessive thickness of the paint. The ratio of paint dilution is 1 liter of water mixed with 1 gallon of paint.

(5) The time the paint is to be dried is critical. 48 hours of dry time would be required after painting, and the site can be put into use after drying. It is not recommended to paint the site with a brush or