Laying and functional requirements for leisure lawn

- Jul 25, 2018-

After laying the artificial grass, it is necessary to clean the artificial lawn every week during the six to eight weeks in the course of the operation. It is necessary to sweep the gravel well and stand upright in the operation. The intention of doing this is to hold the gravel height to a certain level.


The leisure lawn looks like the real grass. It has the feeling of greening and the variety is complete. The pile height can be customized according to the actual use. The foundation of the artificial lawn is not bonded with the surface layer. When the service life of the surface is expired, only the surface layer need to be replaced, and the reinvestment cost is low. The artificial lawn playground is planned to be a plane, without any uneven place, and this new structure has the function of reducing the vibration, pressure and noise on the playground and reducing the disturbance to the class.


Leisure lawn is suitable for all seasons, and it is always consistent with both performance and appearance. It is also good in straightness and aesthetics, so as to improve the grade, beauty and comfort of artificial lawn. So as long as the height and the number of simulated turf are increased not too much, artificial turf has a good effect.


The leisure lawn also adds UV stabilizer, so it can effectively prevent UV radiation damage to the fiber of grass, ensure the performance of the movement and the bright color, and prolong the service life of the lawn.