Laying and physicochemical properties of commercial artificial lawn

- Nov 20, 2018-

Commercial artificial lawn  are mainly composed of filaments, and the main components of the filaments are polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene,  The first two are softer than the latter and the price is higher. However, if it is too soft, the grass is difficult to stand up (here, the sports grass), and the rebound ability of the ball is low. There are two evaluation indexes for fiber filament: grass denier and fiber diameter.

The commercial artificial lawn is a kind of floor covering material suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions, which has both ground decoration and practical laying. It can be produced by using plastic raw materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be recycled. The artificial grass with good quality has anti-aging and anti-fading. And the anti-friction function. Usually the artificial turf needs to be cured for 6-8 months to achieve a good condition. Some types of turf are especially suitable for laying outdoors, and the warranty period is usually long. In the long dry weather, As long as you sprinkle a little water on the sports lawn, you can reduce the risk of athletes being bruised.
Laying and maintenance of commercial artificial lawn.
commercial artificial lawn laying has low requirements on foundations and can be applied on asphalt and cement with a short cycle. It is especially suitable for the construction of primary and secondary school venues with long training time and high density of use. The artificial turf is easy to maintain, has good water permeability, and is particularly wear-resistant.
Excellent physical and chemical properties of commercial artificial lawn .After the artificial turf was subjected to hundreds of thousands of abrasion tests, the fiber weight was only lost by 2% to 3%. In addition, the tension, water permeability and elasticity are very high, and it can be drained clean after about 50 minutes after heavy rain.