Leisure lawn antibacterial breathable and safe non-toxic

- May 11, 2018-

The main color of recreational lawns is the use of their white and red. In the course of production, the lawn needs to close every step while ensuring the quality. Signing the contract - delivery time - cargo transportation security - after-sales product service and other details are to allow every customer to buy the rest assured that the use of peace of mind, service and comfort.
The main features of leisure lawn
1. Leisure turf for people to enjoy and exercise regularly, so it needs to have a certain degree of exercise performance, good elasticity, good resilience, soft grass, comfortable feet, non-slip wear, very suitable for running, exercise, can be effective Protecting the athlete's knees, ankles, etc., is not susceptible to sports injuries during a quick run.
2. In the course of construction of recreational lawns, cement that is relatively easy to achieve or concrete casting is generally used to flatten and compact it. The paving step is also relatively simple, the construction process is short, the construction period is relatively fixed, and it can basically be put into use after the project is completed.
3. Leisure turf is safe and non-toxic. To a certain extent, its environmental performance is worth noting. The first is that the laying of artificial turf does not cause pollution to the surrounding environment, and part of the higher quality artificial turf can be recycled even after the end of its useful life. In the course of use, there will not be any dustiness that has previously been seen, and coughing and coughing may occur repeatedly.
The leisure lawn will have its characteristics such as anti-bacterial ventilation, waterproof drainage, fire-retardant cooling, and anti-aging, to a certain extent. It must be properly applied during the installation process, and it will use its environmentally friendly and durable glue to adhere, and will not be used within the service life. There are problems such as delamination, fracture, water accumulation, rot, etc., affecting normal use. The general warranty period is about six years. The quality of the artificial turf has a good service life of more than ten years. When it is due to be replaced, the old lawns can be directly laid out and new ones can be built. Under normal circumstances, the foundations need not be rebuilt.http://www.frengrassturf.com/