Leisure lawn paving process

- Sep 08, 2018-

1. Weeding and removing debris.

2. Use relevant tools to level the plot.

3. Lay the first grass roll as required by the drawings.

4. Lay a second piece of grass (depending on the size of the site).

5. Found that the grass roll is beyond the edge of the paving.

6. Use tools to remove excess grass edges around the grass roll.

7. Fold the adjacent grass rolls up to 20-30 cm evenly and place the prepared 20 cm wide seams on the foundation between adjacent grass rolls.

8. Apply glue evenly over the seam cloth and the upwardly folded grass rolls.

9. Carefully close the seam cloth and make sure the grass is not stuck to the seam cloth.

10. When the glue is about to solidify, step on the seam cloth (or press it with a rubber hammer) to make the seam edge, glue and seam tape fully adhered.

11. Punch quartz sand on the site, then comb and clean with related tools.

12. After the site is cleaned, the entire laying process is completed.http://www.frengrassturf.com/