Leisure turf maintenance and advantages

- Apr 05, 2019-

What are the advantages of recreational turfs?

1. Leisure turf is not affected by the climate and improves the efficiency of the site.

 2. After the leisure turf enters the dormant period, it can give you a feeling of spring.

3. The materials are in compliance with environmental protection requirements and the surface layer can be recycled and reused.

4. The leisure turf is produced by the principle of bionics during the production, with good elasticity and comfortable feet.

5. Leisure turfs are extremely durable and resistant to fading, especially for sites with high frequency of use.

6. Generally, the service life of more than five years can be guaranteed.

7. There is basically no maintenance cost for artificial grass, just need to prevent human damage.

8. Artificial grass can be paved on the basis of asphalt, cement, hard sand and other sites.

 Leisure turf maintenance

(1) In order to keep the artificial turf playground clean, it is necessary to promptly remove the debris discarded by the athlete or the audience.

(2) It is necessary to remove the slime in the turf. When removing the dirt on the turf, it can be washed with ordinary detergent and warm water.

(3) It is necessary to mark the site: the sports field turf should be designed and designed according to the requirements of the site.  that is, draw some lines that can exist for a long time.

(4) Do a light repair work. Artificial turfs, like natural turfs, also require regular inspections. At least 1-2 comprehensive inspections are required during the year to determine which areas need to be repaired timely and accurately.

(5) Preventing damage to the turf caused by long-term heavy pressure, artificial turf can not stand the long-term over-pressure load.