Leisure Turf Toughness, Wear Resistance and Maintenance Precautions

- May 23, 2018-

In the process of curing, the recreational lawn is generally about three days. In the process of testing, the final strength is generally ten days. During the period of curing, the recreational lawn should effectively pay attention to its maintenance, to avoid exposure to a certain extent. , water immersion and movement have reached the best state of adhesion.
Leisure lawn construction considerations
1. During the process of construction, casual turf cannot directly expose the adhesive glue for too long. During the process of operation, it is mainly because the volume of the recreational turf will directly cause its bonding to be too large to perform construction, such as temperature. If it is too low, it can be restored to its original state after the hot water is heated to 15-20°C, and the performance is unchanged.
2. The spreading grass of the recreational lawn must be spread by using its spreader. During the production process, the quartz sand requires a roundness of more than 80% and a round diameter of 0.2-1.5 mm. After the artificial turf material is installed, quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid.
Leisure turf is very extensive in the process of use, such products are mainly used for indoor decoration, building greening and courtyard landscape, etc. The color of leisure turf is natural green, fine grass, is the best natural turf Alternatives are being used more and more widely in green decoration of hotel hotels, roof greening on rooftops, interior shops, office buildings, and office space decoration.
In the ordinary course of using the leisure lawn, it is not necessary to carry out the cutting, removing of the insects, and the maintenance cost is less than 5% of the natural grass. The pets will not, to a certain extent, be soiled by the rain running in the mud. It will not leave behind annoying mud footprints. When neighbors cut grass and fertilize under the hot sun, you enjoy cold drinks under the umbrella.
The strong resistance to wear and tear of recreational turf can be used throughout the day when it is used, and to a certain extent it will have its excellent protection function for athletes. To a certain extent, it can effectively avoid the injuries that athletes may encounter in sports. To ensure the normal rolling and running speed of football.http://www.frengrassturf.com/