Leisure turf use frequency and maintenance requirements

- Apr 21, 2019-

The maintenance and maintenance of the leisure turf after man-made damage is very simple. The user can repair it by himself. The leisure turf has no color difference and traces in the repairing place, and its maintenance speed is fast and the cost is low during use.

In the practical application, the leisure turf does not have the problem of frequency of use. Basically, it can be used around the clock. It can also be used for other competitive sports such as baseball. Some group activities or large-scale exhibitions can also be arranged on artificial turf, but it should be noted that heavy objects over a long period of time may cause irreparable damage to the surface.

Within eight weeks after the leisure turf is paved, it must be cleaned every week. When used, the gravel inside should be evenly distributed, so that the grass stems can be effectively erected and the gravel is even. The main purpose is to grind the gravel. The height is maintained at a level of 18 to 20 mm.

After the paving, if it is snowing, you can't step on it immediately. In the process of using it, you must sweep the snow on the surface of the turf before you can use the water to wash it. This will effectively maintain the original color and make the quartz sand. Appropriate settlement to stabilize the turf.www.frengrassturf.com