Main construction schemes and appearance performance of kindergartens synthetic grass

- Jul 17, 2018-

To a certain extent, the kindergarten synthetic grass has the similar  appearance and performance to that of the natural grass.and it has high softness, good elasticity and good recovery after heavy pressure. It is the advantages of flexible, wear-resistant, anti aging, heat resistant, waterproof, fast drainage, durable, anti ultraviolet light, antiseptic, mildew proof, environmental protection, easy maintenance and so on. 

The kindergarten synthetic grass base is cement concrete foundation  or the 10% cement powder base layer after maintenance to meet the synthetic grass installation requirements. After meet the base requirements, then laying the artificial turf.

The main construction scheme of the kindergarten synthetic grass

1. check whether the density and smoothness of site meet the requirements. If the site conditions are ok, then artificial turf can be layed.

2. Measure the line of the whole site, determine the position of the court line and mark it, mark it with different colors of ink, and determine the direction and position of the laying of kindergarten synthetic grass.

3. Begin to lay artificial turf: paving the seaming belt at the joint surface of the kindergarten synthetic grass and fixing it on it with steel nails. The steel nail head is not raised, and the joint area needs to be overlapped and overlapped more than 10.

4. Glue the seam belt and lay the synthetic grass on it before glue drying, so that each artificial grass is tightly bonded.

5.After the completion of the laying, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding area is smooth and smooth, the adhesion of the artificial grass is firm, after checking all the requirements, the next procedure can be carried out.

6.Quartz sand and colloidal particles are sprinkled according to the needs of the site. 

7.When the quartz sand or black rubber particles are laid out, it is necessary to check the smoothness and adequacy, and the quartz sand or black rubber particles are not enough, then need to be supplemented appropriately. Any impurity should be removed immediately to ensure the quality.