Main construction technology of commercial turf

- Mar 26, 2019-

Commercial turf is divided into asphalt concrete foundation, cement concrete foundation, ceramic tile floor or 10% cement stone powder foundation layer according to the basic requirements of site use. After the maintenance meets the requirements, the artificial turf is laid.

The main construction process of commercial turf is as follows:

1. Check the entire turf field to be laid, whether the basic compactness and flatness meet the requirements, and clean up the site.

2. To spread the artificial turf. In order to make the folds of the turf naturally stretch, it is recommended to place the artificial turf under the sun for half a day. At this time, pay attention to the direction of the turf. Note: Pay attention to the lawn to be consistent during the laying process.

3. Start laying artificial turf: put a special splicing belt on the turf joint surface and fix it on it with glue. The joint area needs to overlap more than 10 cm.

4. Apply glue to the joint interface. Before the glue dries, lay and join the cut lawn so that each artificial lawn is tightly bonded.

5. Use a utility knife to cut off the black edge of the turf and trim the seams of the turf.

6. The details of the corners are treated to strive for excellence.

7. At the seam joint, tap the pressure with a rubber mallet to make it more tightly bonded.

8. After the paving is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of each joint area is smooth, and whether the artificial turf is firmly bonded. After all the inspections meet the requirements, the sanitary exit can be cleaned