Notes for commercial turf refurbishment and density of grass yarns

- Jun 21, 2018-

When choosing the height and density of the commercial grass, it is necessary to consider its applications. In general, it is necessary to retain the suitable grass height and the density of the yarn after filling. In this way, it is more consistent with the site test standard and can be used as a  gate ball court, golf course, track, and other venues. This kind commercial turf should be low resilience and easy maintenance, generally the turf height is between 10mm-25mm, density is higher compared to the football field, rugby field, baseball field.

Refurbishment notes of commercial turf 

1. The refurbishment of commercial turf needs to remove old artificial turf and use the new artificial lawn to replace. In the process of removing artificial lawns, the primary attention is not to destroy (eradicate) the original artificial turf roots. The roots of the artificial turf are usually made of cement, bitumen, or perhaps other lime soil layers. The artificial grass is glued to the ground, the seams and non-woven fabrics.

Transferred and arranged the old artificial turf, quartz sand and rubber particles. These waste materials are no use. After many years of use, these old materials have lost its inherent function, with many dirt and other dirty things, which have no safe function. 

All the waste materials removed are calculated based on tons, so they should be fully considered in the quotation process.

Before laying the new artificial lawn, it is necessary to clean the site first, wash the site with water if necessary, clean the dust on the  ground, and then make the artificial lawn.

The main material of commercial grass is fiber silk. The main component of the lawn is polypropylene and polyethylene. The quality of the fiber in the artificial lawn is also one of the factors to measure its quality. It is not negligible is still the density of the grass.