Overall layout of the Runway Turf and environmental protection concept

- Mar 30, 2019-

Runway turfs can be installed on a variety of foundation surfaces, and the quality requirements of the foundation are not high. The turf of the runway is not afraid of cracking, no worries about blister delamination, it is very simple and economical, and the maintenance cost of the product is relatively low. It just needs to be washed and rinsed to remove dirt.

The overall layout of the runway turf is very beautiful, the utilization ratio of the entire product is high, its life can be more than 8 years, very durable and easy maintenance, so that the product can be used continuously throughout the day, the material of the product is environmentally friendly, the construction period of the finished product is fixed and shorter.

The runway turf is both shock-absorbing and noise-free. It is very safe and flexible during use. This product has flame retardant, so it is more suitable for school use. Artificial turf is the best venue for activity, training and competition.

The turf for the runway mainly adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection, so that it can effectively avoid running damage , and can effectively provide sufficient cushioning force during use to reduce the damage that the general hardness may cause to the foot.

The gap of the runway turf will effectively use the special high-specificity quartz sand treated at high temperature, so that students can have the opportunity to get close to the soil without smudging the environment and the body, eliminating all the troubles of cleaning.

After the installation of the runway turf, it takes about 2 weeks to stabilize the grass fiber,  it does not like the natural grass to take several weeks to be weathered to achieve the best performance.www.frengrassturf.com